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  • December 2017
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Fall 2017


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pdf Case Report: Using Invisalign and iTero to Plan and Treat a Comprehensive Orthodontic and Implant Case From Beginning to End, by Jeremy Kurtz, DDS

Janice, a 28-year-old who worked in finance, came to our office seeking advice and treatment. She wanted to straighten her teeth, but didn’t want traditional braces. She also had a retained primary canine (tooth #H) which was small and unsightly. Other dentists had told her that the permanent canine (tooth #11) was missing. Upon x-ray examination, however, we discovered that tooth #11 was not actually missing. Rather, it was in the wrong place! It was impacted between the roots of teeth #12 and #13.

pdf Case Report: Invisalign—Intrusion Made Possible by Jeremy Kurtz, DDS

Denni, a 28-year-old woman, presented to my office, a little disheartened. She was unhappy with her smile and unhappy with her options. She had been to other dentists to deal with her dental issues, but was unable to find a satisfactory solution.

pdf Clinical Practice: Impressioning for Clear Aligner Orthodontics— Formulating an Impeccable Smile by Geetha Damodaran, DDS

Impressioning can be done either digitally or traditionally. This article will discuss traditional impressioning, as it offers a profitable and precise way to move forward with your Invisalign cases.

pdf Compliance Corner: HIPAA: Ignore at Your Peril by Michelle DeBarge and Jody Erdfarb

Does our midsize dental practice really have to take HIPAA seriously? Maybe I am worrying about this too much when we have other priorities to attend to. What is the likelihood that we would ever be audited or investigated for failing to implement HIPAA’s requirements?

pdf Feature Article: Pre-restorative Orthodontics - Restorative Challenge #1: Extensive Anterior Tooth Wear by Richard Schmidt, BSc, DDS

In the previous issue of the Journal, Dr. Richard Schmidt asserted that “Orthodontic treatment can enhance the long-term predictability of restorative dental treatment by positioning the teeth in their optimal location within the dental arches.” In a poll of dentists, he identified the top 6 restorative challenges that dentists feel can be made easier with pre-restorative orthodontics.

This is the first of his 6-part series of articles, discussing these challenges.

pdf Pension Planning: The Dormant Legal Liability Lurking in Your Practice by Tom Zgainer

Is your 401(k) plan a ticking time bomb of personal and professional liability?

Clinicians may be overlooking a significant source of liability in their practices: their 401(k) plans.

pdf Financial Management: Protect and Grow Your Family Financial Security by Ralph Adorno

Many people want to help their children and grandchildren achieve their own financial security and dreams. Life insurance can give them a head start toward those goals by providing a guaranteed amount of insurance to help teach the value of protection and savings. Permanent life insurance can be a smart addition to any financial plan for investors who want more ways to protect their family, minimize taxes, and grow their money over time.

pdf Financial Management: Panning for Gold by Ralph Adorno

I recently did a seminar and received a call from Dr. Doug. He was intrigued about what he had heard, and wanted to find out more.

We did the usual small talk, and then he asked, “What do you do and how can you help me?”

pdf Book Review: The Insider’s Guide to Invisalign Treatment by Barry J. Glaser, DMD—Reviewed by Martin Jefferies, DMD

Have you ever wondered, “Why can’t I just submit my case, push the ‘Accept’ button on my ClinCheck plan, and have everything track perfectly on every patient?”

pdf Social Media: Your Crash Course in Website Stats by Melody Gandy-Bohr

Building a sleek and engaging website for your practice won’t mean anything if you don’t pay attention to its performance. The only way to determine if your online marketing strategy is paying off is to look at your performance data. From there, you can build up what’s working well and change what’s not working at all. Here’s everything you need to know to accurately interpret your practice website’s stats, and to understand what site visitors want from your practice.