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  • September 2017
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Summer 2017


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pdf Case Reports: Location, Location, Location! How to Use Invisalign and ClinCheck to Reposition Spaces in Bolton Discrepancy Cases by Jeremy Kurtz, DDS

A disheartened 39-year-old patient presented in my office. Her main complaint was the large space between her mandibular incisors.

pdf Clinical Techniques: The Rise of the Munchies by David Galler, DMD

The key to successful Clear Aligner Treatment is finishing the case on time. Ordering additional aligners after a case should have been finished, in order to refine the result or to attain a more successful result, is sometimes unavoidable, but is nevertheless a significant waste of valuable chair time.

pdf Feature Article: Mobile CBCT: Is There a Better Way? You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know! by Perry E. Jones, DDS, MAGD, IADFE

The genesis of this article lies in the start of a new business venture, Mobile Imaging Solutions. We provide on-site mobile cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and intraoral digital scans.

pdf Pre-restorative Orthodontics: The Top 6 Restorative Challenges Made Easier With Pre-restorative Orthodontics by Richard Schmidt, BSc, DDS

Your patient presents with a dentition that will require extensive restorative treatment. It will be a complex process. But, oftentimes, the degree of restorative difficulty can be greatly eased by first performing strategic Clear Aligner Treatment.

pdf Financial Management : Let the Compounding Effect Work for You by Venkat Yarlagadda, AIF®

There is an ancient story which explains the power of compounding if one starts to save and invest early and regularly, and sticks to it for a long period of time. It centers around the invention of the game of chess, which some say was recounted in the Sahnameh, an epic poem written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi between 977 and 1010. Here is how it is translated in this Wikipedia article.

pdf Pension Planning: Is Your Retirement Plan Strategy Due for an Annual Checkup? by Tom Zgainer

Regular maintenance of our health, be it twice-a-year teeth cleaning or an annual physical, allows the experts to determine if we are as fit as we think we are, or to see if there might be some issues under the hood that need attention.

pdf Practice Management: Six Words That Are Hindering Your Case Acceptance by Amy Drewery

These words are not always triggers about your confidence level, but they can signal the patient that something is amiss—that you aren’t sure about your product or service. If you find yourself using these words often with patients, they may perceive a lack of confidence, and that perception could be hindering your case acceptance.